Check out this compact booster pedal from Pitcher Amplification. The B3 is tailored to subtely enhance the mids and adds a bit of "hair" around the notes at higher settings, so it is more a gain/solo pedal instead of a fuzz/distortion pedal. At lower settings The B3 acts more like buffer/clean boosts.  If you have been fighting to get a fuller lead tone, the B3 may be the pedal for you.  With the B3, you get an enhanced, warmer output with slightly more fatness than what you put in with enough gain on tap to produce a natural over drive. The booster engines are also available as an on-board module minus the high frequency adjustment. 

* I have discontinued the B1 and B2 pedals.

**** Price for the B3 pedal is $139 USD plus $6.95 shipping to lower 48 states ****

B3 boost pedal features

  • Adjustable from clean/buffering to gainy drive
  • True bypass foot switch
  • Works in front of the amp or in a loop
  • Small footprint
  • Main module is epoxy sealed for reliability
  • Requires a 9 Volt negative ground power supply (No option to use an internal battery)
  • Case dimensions: 92mm X 38mm X 32mm (height)
  • Equipped with a status LED
  • Internal high frequency adjustment
  • I also build  a version available as an on-board guitar module (requires 9 V battery)

Pitcher Booster demo

Pitcher boost pedal on YouTube
Pitcher boost pedal on YouTube

-Steve with his Shadow-

-Eddie with his Shadow-

-The Od/Boost Module-

The OD section of the OD/Boost Module consists of Drive, Level, and Edge controls. Edge gives you control over the high-end bite when OD is engaged. The independent Boost Preset adjusts fatness/volume of the signal and includes a push/pull mid-boost. Properly adjusted, the amp can cascade from clean, to blooming/singing overdrive, to all-out war. The OD/Boost Module uses 2 footswitched relays with an isolated power supply for reliability and low noise.