Mirage Features

  • 25 watts of 6V6 tube power
  • Versatile tone from pristine cleans to fat mids
  • Lush, two knob, 3 spring Reverb
  • Cathode/Fixed bias switch
  • 3-way Bright switch
  • 1X12" speaker
  • Cosmetic and speaker options available

Amp Clips

Mirage + LSL Saticoy + Clean.  Bridge pup

Mirage + LP-R9 + some boost.  Bridge, then both pups

Mirage on YouTube
Mirage on YouTube

-Steve with his Shadow-

-Eddie with his Shadow-

-The Mirage Boost Module-

The footswitchable Boost Module consists of a Mid Boost Preset control with push/pull gain-boost. This versatile module gives the player some fat solo options without the need for boost pedals. The Boost Module uses 1 relay with an isolated power supply for reliability and low noise.

Visible also is the unique 3-way Normal/Bright/Cut switch.