Shadow  Head and Combo Features

  • SE version has 50 watts of EL-34 power
  • Shadow 25 has 25 watts of 6V6 power
  • Goes from jazzy clean to high gain overdrive
  • Tube buffered FX loop with Send control
  • Best in class, blooming, Overdrive Module
  • Includes 2 button foot switch
  • Optional interface cable for your pedal system
  • Cosmetic options
  • Optional matching speaker cabinet
  • Available as a head or single 12" combo

Amp Clips

Video of Steve Rothery live with the Pitcher Shadow SE
The Plovdiv Guitar Festival
Sample of Steve's new album (Shadow used on every track)
Shadow + delay in loop. MIM Strat Bridge pup

Shadow 25 head into 2x12 cab loaded with Celestion G12H-65 spkrs.
Shadow 25 Demo on Youtube
Shadow 25 1x12 Combo with Private Jack speaker
Shadow Combo Video

-Steve with his Shadow-

-Eddie with his Shadow-

-The Od/Boost Module-

The OD section of the OD/Boost Module consists of Drive, Level, and Edge controls. Edge gives you control over the high-end bite when OD is engaged. The independent Boost Preset adjusts fatness/volume of the signal and includes a push/pull mid-boost. Properly adjusted, the amp can cascade from clean, to blooming/singing overdrive, to all-out war. The OD/Boost Module uses 2 footswitched relays with an isolated power supply for reliability and low noise.