Vorpal Head Features

  • 25 watts of 6V6 power
  • Single channel amp with master volume
  • Tube buffered FX loop
  • Contour switch to accomodate single coil and humbucker pickups
  • Cut control
Vorpal Head

Amp Clips

Video of Brad Henty and the Vorpal
Cloning SRV

-Steve with his Shadow-

-Eddie with his Shadow-

-The Od/Boost Module-

The OD section of the OD/Boost Module consists of Drive, Level, and Edge controls. Edge gives you control over the high-end bite when OD is engaged. The independent Boost Preset adjusts fatness/volume of the signal and includes a push/pull mid-boost. Properly adjusted, the amp can cascade from clean, to blooming/singing overdrive, to all-out war. The OD/Boost Module uses 2 footswitched relays with an isolated power supply for reliability and low noise.